by Mike Masnick

Better Input/Output For Mobile Phones

Continuing on her theme of making mobile phones easier to use, Peggy Anne Salz is writing about two companies with innovative input and output mechanisms. The first is from Wacom Components Europe, and is basically an improvement on the basic stylus, by letting it work while hovering above the actual screen on a device. This apparently makes it much more natural for input - though, it could also be confusing for some. The second company profiled is no stranger to anyone who follows the haptics industry. Immersion is basically the company that creates haptics technology that gives more "feeling" to devices (think "force feedback"). They're now focusing in on providing more information for mobile phone users, by using haptic tactile feedback to provide information - such as where they should turn while using a navigation program. While it's unclear if these will really catch on, it's good to see more options coming to market.

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