by Mike Masnick

That Flat Screen TV Needs A Screensaver

from the why-not-some-fine-art? dept

It's no secret that flat-screen TVs are all the rage these days, with people spending thousands of dollars to get the latest models. The picture quality is stunning, and with that in mind, some are wondering why they would ever want to show a completely blank screen on such a TV. If they've got the screen, why not have it show something? With that in mind, a number of new companies have been created to let TV owners display artwork on their TV. They're licensing images and offering services that would automatically update the images that the TV displays. Of course, do you really need to license images just to display them in your own home? With the rise in home networking equipment, and PC-like devices connected to the TV, how hard would it be for users to create their own simple solutions that do about the same thing?

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    Joe, 15 Mar 2004 @ 6:26am


    Were it not for the fact that the bulbs in the LCD/DLP TV's have an obscenely short life span, this might be a cute idea.

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      Oliver Wendell Jones, 15 Mar 2004 @ 6:53am

      Re: umm...

      I'm far more concerned about the Ghosting of images on plasma TVs (that cost FAR more than a lifetime supply of LCD/DLP project bulbs) and the fact that the images degrade over the course of a few years.

      If I had a flat screen (plasma) TV, the last thing I would want to do is leave it running when I'm not taking the time to enjoy (for lack of a better term) the television shows it was intended for.

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    SafeMount, 27 Jul 2009 @ 8:38pm

    Just what I need

    Just the information I was looking for to supplement my site about tv wall mounts and brackets. Do you mind if I link to this page from my website?

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