DirecTV Charged With Extortion In Class Action Suit

from the shouldn't-you-have-proof-of-a-crime-before-you-demand-money? dept

We've written about DirecTV's questionable legal strategy a few times in the past. After getting their hands on the customer lists of some companies that were selling smart card readers, DirecTV sent legal nastygrams to everyone on those lists, accusing them of stealing DirecTV signals. This ignored, of course, the fact that those card readers have other (legitimate purposes). While it's likely that many people did use them for illegally accessing satellite TV signals, DirecTV had no specific proof, other than their name on a customer list. On top of that, the letter made it clear that as long as people paid up $3,500, they wouldn't get sued. In a lot of ways, it's difficult to distinguish that from extortion, and so a group of those accused by DirecTV have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for these actions. DirecTV claims the suit has no merit and that it will be thrown out (as similar cases in the state of California have been).

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  1. identicon
    Gabby, 3 Apr 2010 @ 1:03pm

    Re: Your All F'n Deadbeats

    This post by a Directv employee is so indicative of the problem here. This guy Scott thinks it's OK to rip people's money out of their accounts for $300, $400 or $500 when it is decided at Directv that they want to arbitrarily charge this huge cost. He thinks we are all deadbeats that won't pay our bills! Scott - I think you are missing the big picture: It is illegal to take people's money. It really seems these are incorrect charges. I cancelled and your company tried to tell me I owed $ for an early termination even though I was with the company for 7 years because I utilized the equipment protection plan I paid on for 7 years to replace a faulty DVR 1 year earlier. I fought that hard and was NOT on automatic debit AND you guys did not have a current debit card for me or your company would have probably taken it out of my bank account without authorization.

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