DirecTV Charged With Extortion In Class Action Suit

from the shouldn't-you-have-proof-of-a-crime-before-you-demand-money? dept

We've written about DirecTV's questionable legal strategy a few times in the past. After getting their hands on the customer lists of some companies that were selling smart card readers, DirecTV sent legal nastygrams to everyone on those lists, accusing them of stealing DirecTV signals. This ignored, of course, the fact that those card readers have other (legitimate purposes). While it's likely that many people did use them for illegally accessing satellite TV signals, DirecTV had no specific proof, other than their name on a customer list. On top of that, the letter made it clear that as long as people paid up $3,500, they wouldn't get sued. In a lot of ways, it's difficult to distinguish that from extortion, and so a group of those accused by DirecTV have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for these actions. DirecTV claims the suit has no merit and that it will be thrown out (as similar cases in the state of California have been).

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  1. identicon
    Steve, 22 Jul 2008 @ 5:47pm

    DirecTV Crooks

    I went to Best Buy several years ago, bought a HD DVR, paid $400+, didn't sign anything but the receipt, and walked out. I activated the receiver but then decided to return receiver because it didn't have our local channels. When I called to deactivate the receiver, directV stated that I had to return the receiver to them otherwise they would charge $500!
    I've called many times regarding this issue and they are adamant that there's some magical agreement that everyone should just know when dealing with these crooks. So now if I don't give them back the receiver that I paid a small fortune for.
    Just so I wouldn't have to deal with it, I just kept the receiver but because of their horrible service, deactived my service but now, again, they claim I owe $474 if I don't return the receiver. At first they said I signed something agreeing to this policy, which I didn't, then they said "Someone at Best Buy should have told me about it", which they didn't, now the latest is the box has a sticker which says "Property of DirecTV" which it doesn't, then that the receipt stated that it was property of DirecTV, which it didn't, then lastly they said that it's just in their policy that was sent out to all customers.

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