That Ear Looks Familiar...

from the so-many-unique-identifiers dept

Even the most bumbling of crooks should know by this point the risk of leaving a fingerprint behind. However, they may not be so concerned about their ear prints. That's right, it's not uncommon for a crook to place their ear up against a window to see if there are any sounds inside, and their ears (unlike their hands) usually aren't covered when they do so. So, some British researchers are putting together an ear print database and computer system to uniquely identify individuals based on their ear print. Believe it or not, ear prints are apparently captured at 15% of crime scenes and have been used to solve a variety of crimes. Next up: biometric ear recognition monitors. To open that door, you'll need to shove your ear up against that pad...

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    Anonymous Coward, 9 Mar 2004 @ 4:06pm

    Believe it or not...

    Two jobs ago, I had a South African client who did household security for the upper income types there.

    One of the products was the 'screemer' (yes, sic), which was a small sound projector that one could attach to glass. It had a motion detector attached, tuned for, well, head size things.

    I suspect it wasn't all that good at its job, but god, I'm glad I live in a state where they just shoot you for breaking and entering.

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  • identicon
    AMetamorphosis, 10 Mar 2004 @ 9:34am

    No Subject Given

    I hope the first nerd they nail is that idiot from Verizon that keeps saying : " Can you hear me now " ?

    YES, & the police are on their way to arrest you for annoying the hell out of consumers.

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