by Mike Masnick

Video Phones Won't Catch On Because They'll Uncover Liars

from the interesting-perspective... dept

Something of an odd prediction, suggesting that 3G video phones will never catch on because it will make it more difficult to lie about your location. I hadn't realized that so many people used their mobile phones as a way of lying about where they were. I would guess that there are plenty of other reasons why video phones might not catch on (perhaps, for the same reason that landline based video phones have never really caught on - people often feel uncomfortable knowing someone is watching them without being able to see them directly). I also wonder how many make their buying decisions based on their ability to use the technology to lie to people.

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    Precision Blogger, 21 Jan 2004 @ 2:05pm

    "You were there" franchise chain

    I'm going to start a franchise business consisting of stores with fake props so that you can stand in the store and talk on your video phone, and look convincing about being somewhere else.

    The store will charge a modest fee to set up the props; a modest per minute cost for the call; and then monthly blackmail not to reveal you were using the store...

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