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As you might imagine, here at Techdirt, we're always experimenting with new ways to track down news. We use a variety of tools that are available out there, and some that we've scraped together ourselves. The folks who started the Open Directory Project (which was eventually bought by Netscape) have just launched a beta test of their new offering,, which is an online news aggregator. There are others like it, but on a first pass, this one looks pretty good. It clearly competes with things like Google News, though, the search functionality isn't as advanced. However, what it does do, quite well, is builds very directed drill down feeds, and categorizes stories within those feeds. Some of the feeds are focused on locations, and some go all the way down to news about a specific celebrity. For a beta offering, it's pretty impressive. For those who will ask, they don't currently offer things like RSS feeds, but plan to in the future. We don't normally do "product release" announcements like this, but it seemed like it would be interesting to folks who come here - and the service is impressive enough at beta that we figured people might be interested. Update: Figured this might happen. In posting this we've had a few others contact us as well about news aggregator services. Clearly, we won't be lacking in these types of services - which is a good thing. Another one that looks interesting is Gixo, which also tries to do some personalization based on what you click on. It seems fairly limited at this point, but has some potential. It also reminds me of Memigo, which has a lot of personalization included, but the interface can be a little overwhelming at first.

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    Costas, 12 Jan 2004 @ 5:11pm

    Re: loops

    Hi, memigo is my site. You can see that there are no ads on memigo (although I'll have to put up some at some point, but not yet anyhow) and no direct commercial interest. Memigo has simply been a hobby and an experimental platform for a few things that I've been playing with.

    Now, I agree with you that there are so many levels of meta you can put on top of actual content until there is little value left. That's not what I am trying to do. If you look closely, you will see that memigo doesn't link to Techdirt discussions for instance, although it gets referred links from here; that's only done because the forums here are usually empty and low-traffic. If TD had enough interesting meta-content itself like Slashdot or MeFi, I would add its forums to the site. I built memigo to function as I myself browse: I follow links from sites I trust (like TD) and when such a link gets picked up from a big group weblog, I (sometimes) want to read that discussion. That's the idea, not grabbing click-thrus.

    Anyways, I hope you give memigo and try and change your mind :-)

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