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by Mike Masnick

RealNetworks Sues Microsoft For Antitrust Violations

from the haven't-we-done-this-before? dept

Try, try again. It seems that even if Microsoft can shake the government's antitrust pursuit, they're still getting hit from other angles. The latest is that RealNetworks has filed an antitrust suit against Microsoft, claiming that they're using their operating system monopoly to limit choice on digital media. They're going to ask for somewhere around $1 billion dollars. Microsoft has done an amazing job shaking off every such lawsuit in the past. You wonder if, one day, one of these will stick.

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  1. identicon
    Howard Harvey, 18 Dec 2003 @ 4:02pm

    Microsoft getting sued

    While Microsoft has been rather successful in
    defending themselves in court, I seem to recall
    that Caldera got some kind of settlement for the
    whole DR-DOS thing, which was sealed. No one knows the exact dollar value attached to
    the settlement, but it is rumoured to be somewhere
    in the 10s to small numbers of 100s of millions
    of dollars. Same group seems to be trying to
    do a similiar thing with SCO and the linux code
    right now, with far less successful results it

    Further, there was a company/product called
    'stacker' for run time disk compression
    (back when hard drive space was considerably
    more expensive than now) Microsoft copied
    the product, or at least it's functionality,
    into some version of DOS, and then promptly
    got whacked for copying the product. Seems
    to me Microsoft settled for some
    'all stock buyout' of Stacker.

    Long story to short - Microsoft has lost in
    court, multiple times, for similiar behaviour
    in the past.

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