Dude, You're Getting Stuck With Spyware

from the sorry-Dell dept

Submitted by John and also seen on Slashdot is the fairly insane news that Dell has told its tech support staff not to tell people about spyware removal products like Spybot Search & Destroy or Adaware - even if it's clear that the problems they're experiencing with their Dell machines are due to resource hogging spyware. Dell tech support has been told they're not even allowed to point the user towards potentially helpful resources on how to remove spyware. Dell's reasoning for this is hard to comprehend, but appears to be that removing spyware may go against some license agreements. Isn't that for the end-user who owns the computer to figure out on their own? Besides, if that's really what's causing the problem on the machine, isn't it the responsibility of Dell's tech support to suggest the proper solution? There's also an open letter to Dell asking them to reconsider their position on this matter.

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  1. identicon
    furry mouse, 3 Dec 2003 @ 5:38am

    dell sux donkey penis

    dell sell cheap (reasonable) computers. they are subsidised by the micro$oft monopoly. their support is shit. their salesmen are shit. they make token efforts with lunix. their support is shit (again).

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