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Major League Baseball Still Claiming Ownership Of Game Data

from the can't-copyright-facts dept

Good old Major League Baseball. Back in October we wrote about how they were suddenly claiming that any website that broadcast real-time game info was violating their copyrights and were required to buy a license. Most people laughed this off and pointed to a 1997 ruling against the NBA, where Motorola was told they were allowed to send live game information to pagers. Now, Wired News is running a followup to the original story where MLB claims they know all about the Motorola decision, but believe it only applies to scores. Any other real-time info is their own. Again, I'll ask the same question I asked when this first came up. If I'm at the game, and I use my mobile phone to report what I see, is that considered "rebroadcasting" the game? What if I'm posting the information to a web site? From MLB's description, it certainly sounds like it. We've discussed this before (just a few posts ago, in fact), but you can't copyright facts, no matter how much you'd like to. If I see something with my own eyes and report it, I shouldn't require a "license" from Major League Baseball.

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