Blaming The Internet For Children's Sexual Aggression... With No Proof

from the where's-the-proof dept

The headline on this article reads "Internet linked to kids' sexual aggression" and so I went to read it, thinking that it would be interesting to see some decent statistics showing how the internet does impact such things. If the evidence is there, I'm willing to believe it. However, when you read the article, there's no evidence whatsoever. The one bit of statistical info is that the number of reports of kids molesting other children (which is different than the actual number of incidents) has tripled. That's it. What about the internet connection the headline promises? "One of our suggestions is that it may be, in fact, the Internet." Great. Because someone thinks that maybe possibly the internet plays a role in this, they're announcing there's a "link"? There's no other evidence mentioned other than a hunch and a "perhaps that's where they're learning some of these behaviors." This is a topic that does deserve some research and some real facts - no matter what proves to be true. Unfortunately, this "report" does no such thing.

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