Independent Film Producers Sue MPAA Over Screener Ban

from the trickle-down dept

The latest in the increasingly long saga about Jack Valenti's decision to ban DVD screeners for awards show (which was later slightly modified), is that a group of companies that produce independent films are now suing the MPAA over the ban. The argument they make is that in banning the screeners, it will be harder for independent films to win awards. As such, it will be even more difficult for independent films to raise money to make films... thus impacting their business. Take all that, and the group claims that the MPAA is trying to monopolize the film industry and block out the independent film makers. The lawsuit also points out that the ban is unfair in that it treats all movies the same - even though it's the big popular films that are at a higher risk of being uploaded to the internet. However, the independent film companies have been told they won't get distribution if they defy the screener ban.

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  1. identicon
    Bob Halloran, 26 Nov 2003 @ 8:30am

    And now MPAA/RIAA wants anti-trust protection

    Over at The Register ( there's a piece about Sen. Hatch, apparently the studios' new towelboy with Hollings retiring, putting out a bill that slips in an antitrust exemption for MPAA & RIAA. Because of course they're so in need of protection...

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