Half Naked War Driver Arrested

Ok, lots of people are picking up on this story (for obvious reasons) so we won't spend too much time on it. A guy in Canada was apparently pulled over while driving and promptly arrested for (a) driving the wrong way down a one way street (b) driving without any pants on (c) using a laptop while driving (d) using that laptop to download child porn (e) which he accessed via a free WiFi connection. Okay, clearly the guy deserves to be arrested and probably put away for quite some time for the child porn stuff (and the driving stuff). However, most of the articles are focusing on the war-driving part, which makes no sense to me. There are a ton of terrible things that this guy did, and war-driving is extraordinarily low down on that list and, some could argue, possibly legal (remember, there are sites that give away WiFi for free on purpose). The police (and everyone else) should focus on the real crimes that this guy committed, and not the media-attention-getting charge of war driving.

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