SunnComm Sees The Light: Ditches Lawsuit Plans

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It seems that the quick and loud response over SunnComm's announced plans to sue have worked. In less than 24 hours, SunnComm has gone from plans to sue the student who discovered that their copy protection could be defeated by using the "shift" key on your computer to saying that they don't want to create a "chilling effect" on research and won't sue. Of course, they do take a few potshots, saying that "the damage has been done" and a lawsuit wouldn't solve that. This is, of course, almost an exact replica of what happened to the student's adviser, Ed Felten, two years ago (on whose blog I found this story). The RIAA threated to sue, and then immediately turned around (when faced with public outcry) and said that they wouldn't. Still, it seems pretty clear that the "chilling effects" are still there, unless you can raise a similar public outcry. Basically, these companies will use the DMCA to threaten people, and hope that they get scared away. The few people who fight back (and can make a stink about it) are told "oh no, we were just kidding, run along now and tinker away...."

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  1. identicon
    Carl Langdon, 14 Oct 2003 @ 8:23am

    They won't sue but will dish dirt behind his back

    SunnComm's Jacobs may have dropped the lawsuit. But yesterday he posted a message on Investorshub that he later deleted, but not before someone on Raging Bull made a copy there. It looks like he has no problem dishing dirt on John Halderman behind his back. Steve and gang, My biggest problem with the Halderman Report was that he has an undisclosed agenda and he is insincere. The agenda (you already know) is the EFF, and, when you think of it, there is an exact parallel between the JDF and EFF. It's insincere because they whined about other protection technology causing playability problems (which is understandable, kinda), but to criticize MediaMax for not being secure enough is laughable, considering the position of the EFF which is that no stuff ought to be secured, and people should be left to their own conscience (or, if they're caught, then prosecuted) when it comes to digital property theft. I'll bet none of them EVER had any digital content that anyone else (aside from family and friends) would pay for, and, if they did, they'd be screaming bloody murder if someone ripped them off. Halderman then publishes a how-to on getting our License Mgt Technology out of the PC by naming the hidden file (which the user has given us permission to put there)...clearly in violation of the DMCA, all while making the press believe we're pissed because he "found" the shift key workaround. Last, he misrepresented his so-called "shift key" discovery (which had been reviewed by Piper Jaffray and others over a month ago, made it seem like HE discovered it, and made us look like idiots and charletons so he could achieve his 15 minutes of fame. He also implied that the record companies were not in possession of full knowledge about the workings of MediaMax (after almost a year of trials). 5,000 emails later...the vilest crap you'd every want to get from "information freedom fighters" at the EFF...I'm looking foward to a productive and more normal week. Hope you all do to. Let's take it back. pj

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