Product Activation Still Coming

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Despite Intuit's failed attempt at adding "product activation" to their tax software, it looks like plenty of software companies are gearing up to offer some form of product activation in the near future. From the quotes in the article, it's clear that most of the people looking at product activation simply don't understand why it's a bad idea. They say that the reason people are pissed off is because of the privacy issues around product activation. While it's true that some are pissed off about it, many more are angry that when their computer crashes, or when they just do a simple reinstall, they're suddenly being told that the product they paid good money for won't install because it's been installed before. Meanwhile, the real "pirates" who are reselling copies of the software have already figured out ways around any copy protection. In other words, product activation does nothing to stop the problem they're claiming to stop, and does plenty to upset your legitimate customers. The only person in the article who seems to acknowledge this fact is a representative from Adobe who points out that they're going to have to "give something back" to users in exchange for product activation - recognizing the fact that they're making the product less valuable to consumers.

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  1. identicon
    Beck, 7 Oct 2003 @ 10:08am

    Re: What if You Upgrade Your HDD

    I read the FAQ and it seems pretty reasonable to me, but there are a couple of questions I hope you could address:

    1. If Macromedia goes out of business or is sold to a company that has no interest in supporting your current products, does that mean that I would only be able to use my software as long as I continue to use the same computer / hard drive?

    2. The FAQ says that activated software will not be required to be upgraded, but it doesn't say that I will always be able to activate my current version. If I buy a new computer 5 years from now could Macromedia tell me "sorry, the version of our software that you are trying to activate is too old and is no longer supported"?

    You can probably tell that my greatest fear under product activation is that even though I have paid for the software I could lose the use of the software. How can I be ensured that once I pay you for the software I can use it for as long as I want?

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