The Lack Of Service In Customer Service

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We're supposed to be a service based economy with so many people employed in service jobs. If that's the case, many are wondering, why is it so damn hard to get a human being on the phone when you call customer service? Everyone has stories about insanely long hold times, being cut off, touch-tone menus that don't make sense, being trapped in IVR-hell, and my personal favorite: simply being told to call back some other time when they aren't so busy. The thing is, technology should be used to make the customer experience better. Instead, it's mostly being used to make supporting customers less expensive. Companies need to realize that customer service is not a cost center - but it's how they build loyalty and repeat customers. This isn't an anti-technology rant. There are certainly customer service technologies that do make the customer experience better. However, most companies don't seem to think through that aspect of customer service, and are only looking for ways to cut costs.

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  1. identicon
    westpac, 26 Sep 2003 @ 9:37am

    Re: Outsourcing telecommunications

    what's worse is when you call someone about a legitimate problem (billing issue, etc...) and they use that as an excuse to try and sell you some more services you don't want. I called a credit card company several months ago to dispute some charges on my card and the person said "while I'm waiting for approval on that..." and launched into a sales spiel for some credit security something or other. When he was done I didn't say anything because I wasn't really paying attention, so he repeated the entire sales pitch again. This time I said "no, I'm not interested" and almost immediately he had my confirmation back. Always fun to get twice the annoyance.

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