by Mike Masnick

Congress Wastes No Time In Approving Do Not Call List

from the back-on-track dept

Giving the overwhelming popularity among voters towards the national "Do Not Call" list, it didn't take much time for Congress to debate yesterday's ruling to make the list illegal. With very little debate at all, the House has approved legislation saying the FTC can operate the list, and took whatever time they could have used to debate the topic to blast the judge instead (and even threatened to reveal his home phone number into the Congressional record). Funny how quickly Congress can act on certain issues... The bill still needs to go through the Senate and get signed into law and the judge needs to dismiss the case. However, some are hopeful that all this can happen in time for the October 1st date on which the list is supposed to go into effect.

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  1. identicon
    Ed Halley, 25 Sep 2003 @ 12:48pm

    No Subject Given

    "With little debate at all" "congress acts quickly" "overwhelmingly in support" ... of USAPATRIOT.

    The DNC list rules are anything but simple-- I'm glad the Congress is grandstanding to support everyone's dinner table serenity, but I'd like to see them debate the ethics and FTC rules about who remains immune to the list, what the telemarketers can DO with the do not call list data, and other loopholes that will come back and bite us all.

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  2. identicon
    An on E Mous, 25 Sep 2003 @ 2:21pm

    Lawsuits have been filed aginst the FCC

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