RIAA Admits They Accused Someone By Mistake... But They're Still Watching Her

from the whooooops dept

A little more evidence that the RIAA's subpoena-and-sue strategy has been a bit hasty. They've now admitted that one of the lawsuits they filed was a mistake (ooops, sorry about that) and there's no evidence the woman in question shared any music files. They've therefore dropped the lawsuit against the 66-year-old sculptor who doesn't even seem sure what file sharing software is - and is unlikely to have been sharing hardcore rap songs, as the RIAA contended in the lawsuit they filed against her. The RIAA's lawyers don't seem particularly apologetic about the mistake, saying: "Please note, however, that we will continue our review of the issues you raised and we reserve the right to refile the complaint against Mrs. Ward if and when circumstances warrant." How nice of them. Couldn't the RIAA now be accused of filing frivolous lawsuits?

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  1. identicon
    A Alexander Stella, 19 Oct 2003 @ 1:33pm

    Fight RIAA intimidatiion!

    Thanks to the Google search engine, I was able to find your e-mail address. Anyway, you might be interested to know about certain clauses in the United States Constitution.

    Those clauses are cited by one A Alexander "Bogey" Stella in an internet article. In his article, Mr Stella disputes the constitutionality of recent law suits, filed by the RIAA against people who download music. If you're interested in reading the article, all you need do is scroll down a bit, after clicking on the pink hyperlink below:


    Well, it happens sometimes that hyperlinks have to transferred directedly, like so:
    URL: http://www.bcvoice.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=154
    Or, maybe, you need only click on my hi-lited name. Oh, one more thing, please ignore the snide remark some scabrous graffito vandal appended to the end of the article.

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