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by Mike Masnick

More On The Mobile Phone That Knows You're Busy

from the seems-pretty-advanced dept

A few weeks back we had a post about the SenSay - the mobile phone that knows you're busy. Now, Wired News has picked up on the story and they have a few more details on the phone, which make it sound quite advanced. It's using a wide variety of information to determine how to react - including motion sensors, GPS, heat sensors, noise detectors and skin response detectors, while also checking information against your schedule. It also appears to include some voice recognition - so if a caller says "urgent" in their voicemail, it will let the phone's owner know. It certainly sounds like they've put a lot of different features into this. They say the system can be commercially available at around $200 (I assume this is on top of the price of the phone itself). As I said in the original post on the SenSay, I'd probably want to wait a few generations in to see how well the technology actually worked before I let it route my calls - but it does sound intriguing. The article also quotes some EFF concerns about privacy - but I don't see what that has to do specifically with this phone. If the tools are just being used for the owner of the phone, then it sounds pretty useful. If they're being monitored - that's a different story altogether and has nothing to do with the phone's features.

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