Air Force Cadet Ran Porn Site From Dorm

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Apparently, Air Force Academy rules prohibit students from viewing porn on the web. One cadet skipped over that restriction entirely and, instead, decided to run a porn website from his dorm. You would think that the guy would have known better than to host a porn site on government provided equipment, but apparently that thought never occurred to him. Of course, the article claims the site wasn't just for viewing porn - but was also used to "arrange group sex". Now, what you do with your website (and in your private life) is really up to you, but what must you be thinking to try to use equipment issued to you by the government for that sort of activity? What amazes me is that the site apparently ran for a year and a half before he got caught.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 19 Sep 2003 @ 4:42pm

    While Problems Are Already at the Academy

    What's even more amazing is doing this when the academy is having rape/sexual harrassment complaints, new "management" being brought in to address the problem and a general uproar on how women at the academy are being treated. While doing that sort of thing in private life is up to one's individual tastes, trying to arrange group sex as a part of a government entity (military) that is going through a sexual harrassment crackdown (and using government equipment) isn't exactly bright.

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