Air Force Cadet Ran Porn Site From Dorm

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Apparently, Air Force Academy rules prohibit students from viewing porn on the web. One cadet skipped over that restriction entirely and, instead, decided to run a porn website from his dorm. You would think that the guy would have known better than to host a porn site on government provided equipment, but apparently that thought never occurred to him. Of course, the article claims the site wasn't just for viewing porn - but was also used to "arrange group sex". Now, what you do with your website (and in your private life) is really up to you, but what must you be thinking to try to use equipment issued to you by the government for that sort of activity? What amazes me is that the site apparently ran for a year and a half before he got caught.

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  1. identicon
    westpac, 21 Sep 2003 @ 6:50pm

    Re: Ever been a Kadet?

    Did you attend a service academy or are you basing all of your knowledge on one person's experience? Because your knowledge of the workings of the service academies is pretty limited. I guarantee you that there are thousands of men and women who are *WILLING* to make it through every year and do. Yes, there are people who win appointments through political connections, but many of them win scholarships to attend, both academic and atheletic.

    No, the service academies aren't your typical college experience because you're not there to party and go to football games. You're there to learn the skills required for leadership because they're training the next generation of military leaders. And they're tough on purpose. Somebody just looking for a free ride won't cut it, because those people won't cut it when they're called on to lead soldiers into battle. The military is all about discipline because without it there is no military.

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