Air Force Cadet Ran Porn Site From Dorm

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Apparently, Air Force Academy rules prohibit students from viewing porn on the web. One cadet skipped over that restriction entirely and, instead, decided to run a porn website from his dorm. You would think that the guy would have known better than to host a porn site on government provided equipment, but apparently that thought never occurred to him. Of course, the article claims the site wasn't just for viewing porn - but was also used to "arrange group sex". Now, what you do with your website (and in your private life) is really up to you, but what must you be thinking to try to use equipment issued to you by the government for that sort of activity? What amazes me is that the site apparently ran for a year and a half before he got caught.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 20 Sep 2003 @ 4:49am

    Ever been a Kadet?

    Maybe the guy found out he wasn't going to be a F-[1-9][0-9] driver and wanted out. There are probably easier ways (should be able to resign fairly easily. I had a friend who did this; he transfered over to Berkeley... he was way too smart to be in the AFA to begin with.

    But if you look at the big picture, all the "prestigious" US military insitiutions have major problems... I have a very good idea as to why. Ever wonder who actually gets slots at these institutions? Well, I can tell you what it took for daddy to get his boy into the AFA and it cost a lot of money and called-in IOUs. I can assure you that daddy was pissed when he left (only mitigated by the Berkeley monker). Kids from these types of backgrounds are just as fscked up as any kid from the broken home/inner city. I've got a odd feeling that he left the AFA just to piss daddy off (...well, maybe that and the AF just wasn't his thing).

    Oh... and BTW, US military academies aren't your average college experience. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that there are very few people who actually *CAN* make it through such programs and even fewer people who are *WILLING* to make it through.

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