Legitimate Email Marketers Still Going Strong

from the spam-not-crowding-them-out dept

For all the talk of spam crowding out legitimate email marketing messages, a new study suggests that those in the email business have actually been doing better lately. The study was done by Doubleclick, hardly a disinterested party, but the results still seem a bit surprising. While many had assumed that the increasing levels of spam would cause more people to simply ignore legitimate messages, the study found the opposite to be true. Lately, more people are reading and clicking through on email marketing messages. The rates are still fairly low, and there are probably other contributing factors (people more comfortable with being online, improving economy, etc.). Still, for all the talk of how dead email is for marketing, it appears there's still some life left in it. That said, I can't think of a single such email that I actually read any more.

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  1. identicon
    w.h., 17 Sep 2003 @ 9:58pm

    No Subject Given


    1) Email from my software vendors letting me know that the new version of their software is now available.
    2) Certain merchants with notably excellent prices telling me about the latest excellent deals.

    I think email is better for drawing people back when said person has indicated an interest, not in trying to reach disinterested-but-receptive parties.

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