Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Apple Says Reselling iTunes Songs Impractical

from the punting-on-the-issue dept

Well, it took them long enough, but someone from Apple has finally come out with an official comment on last week's attempt to legally resell a song purchased via iTunes. Of course, the executive quoted sort of punted on the real issue about the legality of it, and whether or not it violates Apple's terms of service, by saying that it seemed impractical to resell the songs and didn't make much economic sense, considering the songs were just $1 each. That misses the point completely, but of course, that's exactly what Apple was trying to do. One thing is clear, while it may be legal, Apple will do nothing to make the process easier, and will actively discourage anyone else from trying to do the same. Perhaps it's time for someone to build an "iTunes reseller" network. Imagine being able to go in and bid on plenty of different songs at lower prices than the $1 ceiling of the new song at iTunes.

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