Music Industry Offering Chance To Turn From Your Evil Downloading Ways

from the nice-try dept

Perhaps realizing that they were risking serious backlash by simply suing random downloaders, the RIAA has announced a new plan: if you admit that you were an evil file sharer and that you have learned from your evil music stealing ways (and, oh yeah, you delete all your music files) they'll offer "amnesty". Of course, the deal doesn't apply to the over 1600 people that they've subpoenaed already. Those folks are still directly in the cross-hairs of the RIAA legal team. So, let's get this straight. For those that the RIAA hasn't yet discovered, they want you to 'fess up (singing a notarized form) and get rid of all your music, and they promise to leave you alone. Who is actually going to sign up for that? I'm sure they'll find a few people (just like SCO found a few companies to pay up for Linux), but I would bet most people will just laugh at this and move on.

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  1. identicon
    Serona, 7 Sep 2003 @ 6:47am

    RIAAs Extortion

    Oh yeah, give them your AND YOUR CHILDREN'S racial information (present on most official ID's - required by their "amnesty") without knowing what they're going to do with it.

    Why would anyone do this?

    check out for more

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