Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Hollywood Lines Up Plenty Of Friends Against Morpheus, Grokster

from the not-good dept

Well, it's not a huge surprise, but the RIAA and the MPAA have lined up a huge list of "big" names to file a "friend of the court" brief to support the argument that Grokster and Morpheus should be declared illegal. The article only quotes a short paragraph from the brief, but it's about what you would expect - talking about the supposed consequences of having Grokster and Morpheus be legal - rather than looking at the actual legal issues. Considering these were the same feared "consequences" of making the VCR legal, and the actual consequences ended up saving the movie industry instead of destroying it, one would hope that a judge would be able to see through the argument. Of course, these days, hope isn't very much to go on.

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    dorpus, 26 Aug 2003 @ 10:02pm

    All sides win

    Even in the "pessimistic" scenario by which judges continue to rule in favor of the music industry, the continual lawsuits are bound to bleed the industry to death.

    Lawyers make good money, Technoids have a straw man to attack, bad artists have the excuse that they were "shut out" of the music industry.

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      Brenden, 27 Aug 2003 @ 7:15am

      Re: All sides win

      The RIAA loves to show ridiculously bloated dollar amounts that file sharing is costing them and how it's killing the music industry. I've always wondered, how much are their legal fees are costing them. Of course, if we asked them they would probably get the idea that they need to add that number to their current estimates to really see how file sharing is costing them. Logic and reasoning never seem to phase incompetence. Anybody with a little common sense and some math skill should see that even if the RIAA every legal battle they win, they actually lose.

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  • identicon
    Hillary Rosen Swallows, 27 Aug 2003 @ 8:11am

    Friends of the RIAA

    We can easily Boycott the " Friends of the RIAA " too ...

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