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by Karl Bode

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by Timothy Geigner

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Too Much Free Time

by Michael Ho

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12:44 Techdirt Reading List: No Law: Intellectual Property In The Image Of An Absolute First Amendment (9)
11:41 Unsealed Yahoo/FISA Documents Show NSA Expected Company, FISC Judge To Operate On Zero Information (8)
10:40 FBI Harassing Core Tor Developer, Demanding She Meet With Them, But Refusing To Explain Why (89)
10:34 Daily Deal: Complete Wio Link Kit And Online Learning Bundle (1)
09:41 When A Fingerprint IS The Password, Where Does The Fifth Amendment Come Into Play? (49)
08:34 AT&T Buries Language In Missouri Traffic Bill To Hinder Broadband Competition (19)
06:30 Forbes Is Confused: You Can View Content Using An Adblocker By Promising Not To Use An Adblocker (32)
03:28 Europe's Flimsy Net Neutrality Rules Go Live, Are Actually Worse Than No Rules At All (5)


23:36 Vice Media Sends Cease And Desist To ViceVersa Over Trademark Infringement (9)
17:00 DailyDirt: Really Flying Or Just Hovering? (4)
15:40 Defense Department Screws Over FOIA Requester Repeatedly, Blames Him For 'Breaking' The FOIA Process (27)
14:01 Lawsuit: CBP Took $240,000 From Man And Refused To Respond To His Forfeiture Challenge Until It Had Already Processed It (45)
13:30 Encryption, Privacy & Free Speech: An April Recap (2)
12:45 Geotargeted Facebook Ads Used By Senator To Target The Dept. Of Interior (8)
11:39 Brazil Has To Pause Adoption Of Broadband Usage Caps After Consumers Revolt (6)
10:38 Copyright Holders Try To Stop Ravel's 'Bolero' From Entering Public Domain Using Co-Author Trick (25)
10:33 Daily Deal: OSTraining Developer Courses (0)
09:29 DOJ Deploys Highly-Questionable Legal Arguments In Attempt To Save FBI's Hacking Warrants (11)
08:20 Michigan Politicians Want People Who Hack Cars To Spend The Rest Of Their Lives In Prison (81)
06:23 Congress Has No Idea How The FCC's Cable Box Reform Plan Works, Conyers, Goodlatte Compare Effort To 'Popcorn Time' (40)
03:26 Why The Growing Unpredictability Of China's Censorship Is A Feature, Not A Bug (12)


23:23 Appeals Court Says Trademark Bully/HIV Denialist Must Pay Defendant's Legal Fees (6)
17:00 DailyDirt: Keeping Mosquitoes Away... (7)
15:46 French National Assembly Votes (Sorta) To Finally Kill Its Three Strikes Hadopi Program (12)
14:03 Greenpeace Publishes Leaked TTIP Documents... Show How Backroom Deals Are Driven By Lobbyists (22)
12:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 72: The Tough Choices Platforms Make (0)
11:42 Judge Tells Twitter Revealing Classified Stats Isn't Protected By 1st Amendment... But Says Twitter Can Challenge Classification (26)
10:39 Another Theater Mounts A Legal Battle Against Law Saying It Can't Serve Customers Beer And R-Rated Films At The Same Time (33)
10:34 Daily Deal: Last Chance For Scrivener (3)
09:36 National Intelligence Office's Top Lawyer Fires Off Spirited Defense Of Bulk Surveillance, Third Party Doctrine (27)
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