Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Amazon Wins Domain Battle Against

from the now-that-seems-more-reasonable dept

Well, here's a case where I do agree that someone was clearly misusing a domain name for their own profit. Some guy had registered and, and then claimed that he was using them to sell books about the Amazon River. Of course, the site also looked a bit like That's a case where someone is clearly violating trademark and trying to profit off of someone else's work by pretending to be them. WIPO has agreed and told the guy he needs to give up the domains. Of course, there was also the situation of the Amazon Bookstore in Minneapolis that claimed was trying to infringe on their trademark back in 1999, which was a much sketchier claim. However, when you look at these things closely, you can tell pretty quickly when it's a case of one company pretending to be another.

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    Paul Horner, 5 Sep 2003 @ 4:24pm

    Mike loves the cock, love it

    Mike, have you even been to my sites, and The sites look nothing like's site. I sell books on the Amazon. Hence the reason someone would want the names amazonbooks. The reason I lost this case is beyond me. What the decision does say is that big corporate companies will soon rule the world while dumb asses like your self sit back and stroke it. The decision against my site basically says any billion dollar corporation can bend over any small business owner and do them the way Mike does to his Man.

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    Luie Cifer, 8 Sep 2003 @ 3:01pm

    Ignorance is bliss huh Mikey

    Hey I compared the sights out of boredum and they look nothing alike. It's interesting to me being a small business owner to find out what's real and what's not with excessive corporate bullying beign more evidant now more than ever. It seems to me that the defendants sight was less profitable but a lot more integral and helpful. I guess this is the result when you can afford nuttriders like yourself. Mike, I suggest you research before you talk, write, or think from now on and do something about your company's pornographic logo.


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