by Mike Masnick

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T-Mobile Changes Hotspot Pricing Plans?

Apparently, T-Mobile is going to keep experimenting with different pricing plans for their WiFi access. Haven't seen an official announcement on this (though, perhaps I missed it and it's old), but Clay Shirky is saying that the old 300 mins for $50 plan that he had is dead dead dead, and it's now been replaced by the $10 day pass. While I was always surprised that T-Mobile didn't offer a "daypass" option, this doesn't seem that smart. It's certainly disincentive for anyone who just wants to check out a hotspot to download their email and move on (way too expensive, unless you're going to park their all day - which is something they don't want). Also this pricing is noticeably higher than similar daypass options from Boingo or Wayport. So, while they're experimenting, it doesn't seem like they're doing a very good job of it.

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