The EFF vs. The RIAA

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USA Today is running a profile of the Electronic Frontier Foundation comparing them to the RIAA. It points out, at the beginning, that the RIAA's new Chairman will get a $1 million salary, which is half the entire annual budget of the EFF. While the article quotes a top lawyer at Verizon (who battled the RIAA against revealing subscriber names) saying that she was surprised at how sharp the EFF folks were, it also quotes a (non-RIAA, but still industry backed) lobbyist saying simply, "The EFF's basic stance on most issues is plain wrong." His reasoning for this is that he's too uncreative to come up with other ways for the music industry to make money. Why is it that people who are so uncreative assume that obsolete business models need to be forced on everyone else, just because they can't come up with a better business model. If he were in charge a hundred years ago, he'd have outlawed automobiles, since he wouldn't see any other way for horse and buggy makers to make a living.

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  1. identicon
    Richard NC Arsehill, 5 Aug 2003 @ 8:51am

    Re: One partisan against another

    "I'd be curious if the EFF has the same enthusiasm for telling software companies that all their products should be free. As long as we're at it, why not require supermarkets to give away food for free?"

    Isn't that exactly what the open source movement is doing? Software and other IP has become less and less of a commodity. It's the natural progression of things. This isn't bad, if you can figure out ways to cope/deal with it. Look at IBM. That's a company that has adapted their business model to deal with a changing world. If they didn't they'de be dead, and they know it. But people in the music industry aren't as bright. They would rather sue everyone in the world than actually pay attention to brining in money. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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