Movie Studios Launch Anti-Piracy Ad Campaign

from the waste-of-money dept

The movie industry apparently didn't get the memo from the music industry explaining that putting out ads appealing to people's morality doesn't do squat when it comes to their downloading habits. The movie industry is now getting ready to launch a series of commercials telling people it's wrong to download movies, using movie industry employees like set painters and makeup artists to say that downloads hurt them. We've heard this all before, of course, and it's unlikely to make any difference. First of all, the movie industry needs to realize that they're selling a social experience - going to the movies - and not the content itself. Then downloading becomes less of an issue. Also, there's a part of me that hears about the ads and wonders if the monks who acted as scribes in the early days of the printing press would have put out similar ads asking people to think about their jobs before buying a printing press.

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  1. identicon
    rax, 22 Jul 2003 @ 8:20am

    A history of bad TV commericials.

    Some of you can probably remember "Don't Copy That Floppy" TV *commerical*.
    Not only was it badly made, but it did little to stem the tide of 15 year old software pirates.

    In case you don't remember

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