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Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Your Stealing; My Swapping

from the fighting-back dept

Realizing that they're now under actual attack from a music industry that still (miraculously) is hoping to sell to them, those involved with file sharing seem to be fighting back with a publicity campaign of their own. There have been an increasing number of articles defending file sharing. Some are written by college students whereas others are interviews done by professional reporters. However, the quotes are similar. The college student says: "Don't let the Recording Industry Association of America make you feel guilty. There's a revolution occurring in music, and it's on the consumer's side." In the interview, the teenager says that the music industry has lost touch with their customers, and don't understand what they want. Everyone complains about buying $20 CDs with only one or two songs they want to listen to, and everyone talks about being able to find out about new music they never would have heard otherwise. For a while, no file sharers have been willing to forcefully stand up to the crap being put out by the RIAA. It will be interesting to see if this continues.

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  1. identicon
    LittleW0lf, 17 Jul 2003 @ 10:26pm

    KaZaA, a manditory server?

    "Actually, says RIAA's Oppenheim, she has. Software for KaZaA and other such sites automatically turns a computer into a server - whether or not the downloader intends to assume that role."

    Ok, every time I hear the RIAA speak, I find something else to show that the RIAA has absolutely no freaking clue about anything other than the "money they are loosing." This is just another example of an organization clueless about what they are talking about.

    Actually, says LittleW0lf, RIAA's Oppenheim has been smoking too much of the local weed, and needs to get on with his life and stop beating up on children.

    KaZaA may install a server by default, but it does allow the user to disable it. I have never used Kazaa in my life, but according to the Kazaa manual available at http://www.kazaa.com, the file sharing can be turned off by setting "Disable Sharing" to yes, which will prevent your system from becoming a server. And most of the folks I've known to use Kazaa turn off the sharing in order to prevent others from stealing sensitive files off their system.

    Had Oppenheim spent a little time on his competitions' website, he would have easily found that he was spouting lies, but what would be the fun in that when F-FUD and RIAA are both four letter words that go together.

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