by Mike Masnick

Familiarity Breeds Content

from the it's-all-about-brand-association dept

You would assume this one would be obvious, but (as with many such things) now you have a study to prove it. It turns out that people who have a positive feeling towards a particular website tend to transfer those feelings to advertisers on that website. In other words, advertisers might want to focus on posting their messages on sites people like, rather than blanketing the entire internet. However, an even more important interpretation of these results should be (though, it's unlikely most advertisers/sites will realize this) that the use of annoying and intrusive advertising is bad. Those types of advertisements anger readers, making them less happy with a site (and less likely to return). Negative feelings towards a site are likely to be passed on to the advertisers who caused it as well.

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    Anonymous Coward, 8 Jul 2003 @ 1:39pm


    But do we see annoying ads? Perhaps advertisers know that readers avoid looking directly at ads, therefore put them in their peripheral vision. A great many tricks can be played with fields of view, word associations, right hemispheres seeing different words from left hemispheres. The sentence after this one is true. The sentence before this one is false. Repeat every third third word you say say. Our thoughts are turning into insects, but only when they itch.

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