PayPal Scam Site Site Using Legit SSL

from the sneaky-sneaky-sneaky dept

There have been a ton of scams lately trying to get people to give up their personal credit card or bank account info. One of the most popular targets, of course, is PayPal. With each iteration of the scam, it appears that the scammers are wiping out each item that might make visitors think twice before falling for the scam. They've already worked out sneaky ways to hide the real URL and make it look as though you're on a legitimate site. The latest move, though, is to use a legitimate SSL certificate, so that anyone looking at the status bar sees the familiar "lock" symbol. Of course, most people don't really know what this means, but assume it means the site is safe and some how "real", and thus feel more comfortable giving up their info. Update: Amusingly, the second I submitted this post, I received my first ever PayPal scam email. They're on to me.

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