Intel Enters The Race For Wireless' Holy Grail

Last month we had an article about Intel CTO Pat Gelsinger's quest for a wireless "everything", and here is an article with a more detailed discussion on Intel's efforts at building a software-defined radio that will determine, on-the-fly, the best wireless network for you to be connected to, and make that connection. Thus, without the user even realizing it, your device would make the decision of whether to (for example) connect to a WiFi access point, a GPRS cell, or a fixed wireless node. There are, as mentioned in the article, plenty of companies working on this technology (and they've been at it for some time). The real question is whether or not any of them can actually get anywhere, and that's where Intel might have the advantage. As the earlier article stated, Intel has made some advances in the space that have won over many critics of the concept - but we're still a long ways off from having a commercial version of this technology.

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