French Fry Sold On eBay For $200

from the will-it-ever-end? dept

In the early days of eBay, when it was first catching on, they made a lot of news one day when someone decided to sell a can of Coke on the auction site. The press caught on to this and wrote about it, and suddenly people began to realize... wait a second, you can sell anything on eBay. And, sell anything they have. The latest in bizarre auction sales is an unusually large french fry, which was billed as the world's longest. Of course, since that time, others have announced that they've found longer french fries, and they're also going up on eBay. However, as the seller of the Coke can quickly discovered when someone put up a competing Pepsi can - it's usually only the first one to offer such a novelty item that gets (a) the attention and (b) the bids. I also wonder whether or not the $202.50 winning bid will turn out to be fake, as so many novelty items on eBay that get press attention often turn out to be fake bids. The scariest part of all of this, however, is the story of the guy who found the fry. Instead of eating it, he decided to sell it on eBay, and immediately froze it. We're now getting to a point where anytime anyone finds anything out of the ordinary, they're first thought is "how much would this go for on eBay?"

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    Mike (profile), 3 Jul 2003 @ 10:21am

    Re: No Subject Given

    At least we've gotten past the point where anytime someone films something amusing on a camcorder their first thought is "we should send this to America's Funniest Home Videos".


    Though, they're probably just putting it online instead, and we're getting it forwarded to us by the clueless "forward spammers" we used to consider friends.

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