Raw Deal On Printer Ink

from the price-gouging dept

Having just had a story about the various printer companies spreading FUD about how so many ink cartridges out there are counterfeit and may damage your printer, I thought this next article was interesting. One of the "warnings" the printer companies kept saying was that these counterfeit cartridges often came only half full. That does sound like a ripoff, until you realize that the printer companies themselves are effectively doing the same thing by having their printers tell you they're empty when there's still quite a bit of ink left. In one test, they found that an ink cartridge was still 38% full when the printer said it was empty. That's 38% of a tiny cartridge that (as the article points out): "costs more than vintage champagne". They also point out that the Epson printers (such as the one I use) are the worst - because they won't let you print if the printer says it's empty - so most people are simply throwing away nearly half of the ink they bought for insanely high prices. In tests the magazine ran the least amount of remaining ink was 17%. Meanwhile, the Lexmark case (where they sued another company for figuring out a way to allow non-Lexmark cartridges to work in their printers) continues to move forward with the EFF filing a brief against Lexmark. The anger over these printer company tactics and the FUD they're spreading suggests that a more formal investigation is coming. I wouldn't be surprised if the FTC gets involved at some point to investigate these practices. Already, in the UK the Office of Fair Trading is looking into the issue.

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  1. identicon
    randy, 27 Oct 2008 @ 8:59pm

    printer cartidges

    i threw away lexmark printer that guzzled ink same as others had trouble with epsons totally hate hp's but have had outstanding success with canon's run a home office and put close to a ream of paper a week thru canon mp730 and black cartride every two weeks which is a pretty good yield really.but it finally bit the dust after three years of this heavy use.i also used refilled cartridges and refilled them myself for a while with no trouble at all.so when i went to replace it i started researching a good replacement.and this is key you have to do your homework i look for reviews and specs that give yield and ink consumption review details if they dont list this theres a reason they don't want to tell you 50 pages and the cartridge is dead.also compare the ink cartridge prices and check how many ml.per carttidge a little math will show you an HP ink with 12 ml.@ $27.95 is not as ecinomical as a canon ink wth 27 ml.@ $15.95 true the printer may cost $50 more to buy but in three weeks i could have spent that in ink tanks.

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