by Mike Masnick

Mod Chip Design Goes Open Source

from the all-you-need-is-access-to-a-fab dept

More evidence that says if you want to keep some information out of people's hands, the worst thing you can do is try to stop it from appearing online. As the various gaming companies have been doing their best to shut down all the various "mod chip" operations that let people use their gaming machines for purposes other than those officially sanctioned by the console companies, one mod chip developer has released the design of their mod chip under an open source license. The idea is to guarantee that, even if one such site gets shut down, the information is still out there. Of course, having the design info and being able to actually build the mod chip are not the same thing. However, it will be interesting to see how the various console makers react to this move. The more they try to stop the dissemination of the info, the more widely it's likely to spread.

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