by Mike Masnick

Man Pleads Guilty In Nigerian Scam Case

from the not-just-for-Nigerians-any-more dept

For all the various "Nigerian email scam" spams that I get, people have always said that the one thing they're usually honest about is being from Nigeria. However, it appears that a career conman decided that he was tired of the Nigerians having all the fun and cooked up his own Nigerian email scam, based in Canada. He then apparently found at least 20 suckers who he scammed out of between $6 and $15 million. I still can't believe anyone falls for these things, no matter where they're actually from. You would think it would pay a bit more to be a little creative, just to stand out from all the other Nigerian scam emails that get sent every day.

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    Doug, 20 Jun 2003 @ 3:54pm

    Canadian, eh?

    Fortunately that was $6 million Canadian dollars, so it apparently was petty theft. According to the article, the guy got off with time served (10 months) and 18 months probation. Martha Stewart should be so lucky.

    Would you spend 10 months in a Canadian jail and 18 months on probation in return for maybe $4 million US? (I am assuming that Canadian jails are considerably nicer than, say, Turkish prisons.)

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