Wearable Videocam Records Your Life

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The number of research projects out there to create some form of a "backup brain" are increasing every day. Accenture was one of the first to announce such a project, but were quickly followed by Microsoft, HP and even DARPA is taking a stab at it. All of these projects come from a different direction in an attempt to better record events around you. Microsoft and DARPA are really trying to record everything they can - sight, sound, whatever. The prototype of the Accenture device ended up being drastically scaled down from its original vision, which would involve cameras, recorders, voice recognition, facial recognition and plenty of other neat tricks. In the end, what they showed was just something that would record snippets of conversation if you happened to give it the right cue (such as by saying "that's interesting"). HP took the visual side of it, and is working on a camera that is supposed to automatically know when to take a picture based on what you say. There's one thing that all of these projects definitely have in common: you can't get your hands on them, and won't for quite some time. However, it appears that someone out there is finally trying to take at least one small part of this concept and put it into a real product. A company called DejaView has created a small video camera that attaches to your eyeglasses. The camera is constantly recording in a 30 second loop. However, whenever anything happens that you want to keep, you just press a button and it saves the previous 30 seconds. As the article says, it's sort of a TiVo for your life. Of course, I'm not sure what people who don't wear glasses end up doing. The system will save the files to an SD Card that you have to provide - meaning it can hold as many 30 second videos as you can afford in storage. It's kind of a neat concept. As they say, the idea is that you'll no longer need to be constantly holding a video camera waiting for life's precious moments - and end up with hours upon hours of boring tape you'll never watch. Of course, the quality isn't the greatest. Also, with a number of places already banning camera-phones for fear of privacy-violating photographs, just imagine how some people will react to the idea of everyone recording everything happening around them all the time... just in case they happen to catch something interesting.

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  1. identicon
    God, 20 Nov 2003 @ 9:53am

    Re: Cameras recording everything

    A small wearable camera?!? Sign me up! Sounds like some sweet James Bond type stuff to me. Cameras are allowed in public places, its when you go into a private venue that privacy issues arise. While you might not like it John boy cameras and digital video is booming right now. I'm all for privacy and amendment rights, but you need to get over the Big Brother Complex. Either you're fugly and non photo friendly or you're doing evil things with sheep and need to stop! Now that being said, on a lighter note I'm curious if anyone knows the price on this, and if they are available...

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