by Mike Masnick

SMS Property Search Service Launches

It sounds like companies are starting to come up with more creative ways to use MMS rather than just to let people send snapshots to their friends. A company is letting real estate agents put specific codes in their window or on "for sale" signs, and let people send that number a message. The system then will send back to the phone lots of info about the house that's available including images. It's a great way to pre-qualify buyers, and to get a random passerby interested in what the real estate agent has to offer. It's applications like these that are really why MMS is going to be powerful. It's not just "SMS with pictures". It's a platform for delivering information in ways that can't really be done currently.

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    Paul Eastwood (profile), 15 Sep 2010 @ 3:08pm

    Can you tell me the reference?

    Hi Mike - I am doing some research on the history of SMS TXT messaging as applied to Real Estate - the link in your article is broken or the site is gone...- do you, by any chance(!) have any notes on who this was that was doing this? I am unable to track this link back or find out who this is...

    Much appreciated!!

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