New ReplayTV Strips Controversial Features

from the no-big-surprise dept

In an effort to avoid having to deal with continuing lawsuits, the new owners of ReplayTV, D&M Holdings have announced that the latest version of the product will remove both the "commercial skip" feature, as well as the "send show" feature that let you send a copy of what you recorded to another Replay box over the internet. This isn't really surprising, since both of those features were what the lawsuit against Sonciblue focused on. However, it is a bit unfortunate. It would be difficult to prove that these features are actually illegal (many VCRs currently include "commercial skip"). Also, it wasn't so long ago that Sonicblue had decided to use the commercial skip feature to differentiate themselves, since no one else would add it while the lawsuit was still running. Anyway, this just leaves more room for hobbyists to build their own DVRs that don't have Hollywood-induced restrictions and lets them do what they actually want to do.

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  1. identicon
    Ringmaster, 10 Jun 2003 @ 1:52pm

    One feature on Tivo

    While "commerical skipping" is not available on Tivo out of the box, a quick search for Tivo forums on the internet and 4-5 button pushes on the remost later, and this feature is available on most revs of Tivo (including the most recent version). Since the majority of Tivo adoptors are internet savy, this feature is essentially avaialable to the customer base while at the same time getting around potential lawsuits

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