by Mike Masnick

Should All Your Digital Eggs Go In One Basket?

from the backup-backup-backup! dept

As plenty of companies are looking to create "all in one" solutions that store a ton of information - whether as a "backup brain", a digital ID card, or any other such application, some are wondering if it's really a good idea to put all your digital eggs in one basket. Such systems are gaining popularity because (obviously) sometimes it's quite useful to have all your information in one spot. However, there are downsides. While the writer's biggest concern seems to be what happens if the data gets lost or corrupted, I'm not sure that's a huge problem. Any such system should (whether or not it does is a different story) provide for regular backups. The bigger issue, though, is that having all your data in one place makes it much more vulnerable to prying eyes - who simply need to find a single security hole to get a ton of information about you.

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