Innovation: 3G, MMS - Push Vs. Pull

I have to admit, this article is a bit trickier than necessary to read through. However, I do think it raises some valid points - I just think that it could have been written in a much simpler way. The basic argument is over whether or not the future of wireless technologies are driven by what users expect the devices should be able to do (push) or what people discover they can do with features that are already there (pull). I think both play an important roll, and it is important to understand both factors in trying to determine where the wireless market goes. For example, with WiFi, there was definite "pull" where users determined that WiFi enabled them to do a lot more than just "cut the wires" in their LANs. However, now, there's some "push" as new WiFi enabled devices are coming onto the market, as people want to be able to connect their home appliances to their WiFi network.

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