by Mike Masnick

Rise Of The Spam Zombies

from the getting-sneaky dept

Spammers are getting increasingly evil. Their latest move is to create Trojan horse viruses that infect the computers of unsuspecting users, letting the spammers send their spam undetected. The trojans either have their own SMTP server, or they install open proxy software. One person quoted in the article suggests that the reasons spammers have resorted to this level, is because it's becoming more and more difficult to find open ports or to get around spam filters. This could be a good sign. Another "good" thing about this, is that it is very clearly illegal. While spammers could talk about how "legal" spamming was - hacking into machines and sending trojan horses is clearly not at all legal. Of course, since this makes it harder to track them down it might not do much good.

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