by Mike Masnick

Wired's 10 Year Anniversary

from the now-what? dept

Considering that Red Herring just shut down as they reached their 10-year-anniversary, it's interesting to see that Wired's 10-year-anniversary just hit as well. I never realized the two magazines, so closely linked as chroniclers of Silicon Valley, were founded around the same time. I still remember seeing the very first issue of Wired Magazine in 1993, in a parking lot as my friend Ari told me that my favorite publication at the time, Mondo 2000, was boring compared to this great new magazine out of San Francisco. Now, Wired Magazine has a look back at what the world was like 10 years ago at the founding of Wired Magazine. While many people think the magazine is a shell of what it once was, it still remains the defining magazine of the technology boom years. Now, the question is will it make it through the next ten years?

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