Sims Online Reality Check

from the it's-boring! dept

There was so much hype surrounding the release of the Sims Online that many people assumed that it would easily be a huge success. The reality isn't looking so hot. The reviews of the product have been down, EA is reporting fewer than expected signups, and players of the game say that it's just too boring to justify spending the money. Basically, the prospects for the Sims Online aren't looking too hot. Of course, EA claims that they're rolling with the punches and will adjust the game to better the experience, but they've lost the initial push that they were expecting. While EA may be doing great in console games, their online efforts so far haven't been so hot. Their big attempt at revolutionizing their own website was considered a dismal failure. They massively overhyped the "new concept" game Majestic that most people ignored, and now the Sims Online is struggling. Of course, this doesn't bode well for the (also) massively overhyped online game There, which is often described as the Sims Online without the plot. Considering most people are complaining that the Sims Online (with whatever plot it has) is incredibly boring, I don't see how There will be any more exciting.

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