by Mike Masnick

Sophisticated Spam

from the spam-filters-need-to-do-more dept

An interesting look at some of the tricks that spammers use to defeat spam filters. A reminder that spam filters need to take some of these tricks into account. The thing that really gets to me about all this is that spammers are wasting their time coming up with these ways around the filters. The people who are using filters have made it clear they're not interested. Why keep sending them stuff? It doesn't benefit anyone. The suckers who do buy stuff via spam don't use filters - so why not stop trying to bypass the filters, and focus on the more "targeted" audience of suckers? Update: InfoWorld is running a good summary of the day's events at the MIT spam conference.

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    Phibian, 20 Jan 2003 @ 6:34am

    Why do spammers try to get around filters?

    Spammers believe (and this is mostly accurate) that many filters are implemented by system administrators.

    So by getting around the filters, you are not necessarily reaching the person who implemented the filter. A good case in point is AOL.

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