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by Mike Masnick

Tech Industry To Take On Hollywood Over Digital Rules?

from the not-so-sure-of-that... dept

Apparnetly, a bunch of tech lobbying groups backed by some of the bigger name companies are preparing a big campaign to fight back against Hollywood on copy protection technologies. At first glance, this might sound like a good thing, but I wouldn't get too excited just yet. One of the groups is the BSA, which has been Microsoft's enforcement arm for stopping pirated software. Historically, they've been just as bad as the RIAA at making up numbers out of thin air and accusing just about anyone of "theft" when it suited their purposes. While it's good that someone is finally trying to make people question Hollywood's side of the story, I'm not sure the new story that comes out will be that much better.

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    LittleW0lf, 3 Jan 2003 @ 8:40am

    Sometimes selfish is good

    Sure, the BSA and the tech industry are exploiting this purely for selfish reasons, but that may not be a bad thing. If good comes out of it, then they will have accomplished what we have not. Someone with a lot of money needs to step forward and knock some sense into the intellectual property industry and the politicians who pander to them, since nobody is listening to the consumer (a really bad business decision, but apparently all sides seem to believe that the consumer's wish is unimportant.)

    I welcome it, but will keep one eye open too...

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