Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

File Swapping In The Legal Crosshairs

from the wasting-plenty-of-time dept

It seems that Morpheus and Grokster are both in court today to find out if the judge is going to order them to block copyrighted materials from their networks immediately, which is what happened in both the Napster and Madster cases. Of course, both companies are also asking for a summary judgment in their favor, asking to be left alone. Some are hoping that neither of these things happen, and the case actually goes to trial, where some legal rulings around file sharing might finally show up. Of course, by the time any of those legal rulings (and their appeals and so forth) are set in stone, the situation is likely to have changed drastically. This is just a case of companies putting off the inevitable while wasting time and money by going to court.

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